• Image of OSW Learner's Day/OSW After Dark (Aug. 19th)

OSW Learners' days are geared towards the driver looking for guidance and instruction to advance their skills. You will receive 5 hours of guided, in-car instruction from our A class tandem drivers, catered to your skill level, as well as a normal 6 hour open event that night to show all your friends how hard you're ripping now!

first time on track? no problem. lets get you out there and teach you the basics of car control with donuts and figure 8's.
Already have the basics down, and want to work on more advanced techniques? our A class dudes will give you the input you need to step your game up and take your driving to the next level.

Price: $165 for learner's day, pre-reg only. gates open at 10am. Night event and one crew member included in cost. additional family/crew $15 ea. to keep this focused on a low stress, learning environment, we do not accept general admission spectators for the Learners' Day portion, but do encourage you to come after 5pm.

OSW After dark is $60 to drive, pay at the gate. gates open at 5 pm. Spectators are welcome after 5pm, $15 per person.

Pre-register at: www.oswdrifting.bigcartel.com

tech rulebook: http://oswdrift.jp/tech.html

We have the right to refuse refunds if the appropriate actions are NOT taken. Refunds will only be issued up to 7 days BEFORE the event! From 7 days to 3 days before only a 50% refund will be issued. 3 days PRIOR to the event no refunds will be issued. IF something comes within any of those periods it is under the discretion or Orlando Speed World to approve refunds or rain checks.

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